Indoor led wall rentals

Find out why the top companies and sporting events choose a Mobile Technology Graphics indoor LED wall for their events!

2.5mm LED Panel Rental

2.5mm Pixel Spacing
Broadcast Safe
4k UHD Compatible

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4mm LED Panel Rental

4mm Pixel Spacing
Quick Setup
Reliably Proven

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2.5mm LED Poster

Quick Setup ( Less than 1 minute)
Built-in Media Player

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2.5mm & 4mm pixel spacing options

MTG offers both 2.5mm and 4mm pixel spacing indoor LED video display rental options in order to fit within your budget.

4k UHD compatible

MTG's 2.5mm indoor LED video wall rental panels are 4k UHD compatible. We use the latest processing technology to ensure a crisp, clean image on your LED wall.

broadcast camera safe

MTG's indoor LED video screen rental panels feature a refresh rate of 3,840 hertz! This translates to a flicker free and scan line free LED wall when taking pictures.


Straight walls are so 2014! MTG's indoor LED video wall panels can form a custom curved display giving your event a unique look and immerse the audience in your content!

ground support & hanging options

All of our LED walls can be traditionally hung while we also have the option of ground support and stacking. We can custom build a ground support option to fit within your set design!

MTG Owned LED Panels

MTG owns all of its LED panels. This provides a constant quality to you and ensures a color match between all panels!

2.5mm Indoor LED Video Display Wall Rentals

Our 2.5mm indoor LED video wall panels are 4k UHD compatible and provide a high 3,840 hertz refresh rate which allow pictures and video to be taken of the LED wall without scan and flicker lines appearing in the images.  The panels are also bright enough to be used with stage lighting and indoor  areas where direct sunlight enters the room such as skyline ballrooms and atriums. The panels also are curvable allowing a unique design for your event! These panels are also power efficient using dramatically less power than older LED walls.

4mm Indoor LED Video Display Wall Rentals

Our 4mm pixel spacing indoor LED video wall panels are budget friends and feature a quick setup design that allows the panels to be ground stacked or flown depending on the set design. These panels are bright enough to be fully seen in high ambient rooms. MTG also designs custom ground supports to match your set design needs!

2.5mm LED Poster Rentals

MTG's 2.5mm LED posters provide an excellent alternative to traditional vinyl pull-up banners. MTG's LED posters allow the content to be video based allowing dynamic content. The built-in media player allows for continuous playback of stored media files while also allowing live HDMI input for the creative stage design!
Quick Setup

MTG's LED posters can be setup in less than 1 minute and be easily moved as needed!

Minimal Space

The panel itself is only 1.5 inches thick while the kick out stand only requires another 1.5 feet of space.

Built-in Media Player

With a built-in media player, no computer is required next to the display and provide continuous playback!

110v Wall Outlet

These LED posters can be plugged directly into a regular wall outlet, enabling these posters to be placed anywhere!